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BCEX crypto market

BCEX cryptocurrency trading platform provides cryptocurrency exchange online for 13 trading pairs with 12 cryptocoins and 4 currencies.

Cryptocurrencies price today on BCEX crypto market

Cryptocurrency Best buy price Best sell price
Bitcoin $ 9184.69 $ 9184.69
Ethereum $ 228.30 $ 242.50
XRP $ 0.180657 $ 0.180657
EOS $ 2.49 $ 2.49
Litecoin $ 40.14 $ 40.14
Dogecoin $ 0.002431 $ 0.002431
HashCoin $ 0.000023 $ 0.000023
Business Credit Substitute $ 0.362718 $ 0.362718
Business Credit Alliance Chain $ 0.000190 $ 0.000190
CK USD $ 1.00 $ 1.00
Universe $ 0.432595 $ 0.432595
Credit Tag Chain $ 0.034409 $ 0.034409

BCEX cryptocurrency exchange - cryptocurrency exchange cryptocurrency trading exchange. On this cryptocurrency exchange you can buy or sell cryptocurrency at a free rate online. Cryptocurrency, unlike classical currencies, is not managed by the central bank of the state and is only freely traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. No one sets or restricts the cost of cryptocurrencies at cryptocurrency markets, only market participants. Cryptocurrency exchanges are specifically designed to exchange crypto for another crypto or national currency. Obviously, the cryptocurrency exchange is a crypto exchanger. BCEX cryptocurrency exchange allows you to buy or sell cryptocurrency online without intermediaries.

BCEX cryptocoin market volume

The total trading volume on the BCEX exchange market for the last 24 hours amounted to 698 564 054 US dollars.

The largest number of transactions takes place with Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies, the hottest trading pairs are BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT.

Crypto exchange BCEX has other names:
- Crypto market BCEX.
- Crypto exchanger BCEX.
- Cryptocurrency exchange BCEX.

BCEX crypto exchange

See the cryptocurrency rate on the BCEX crypto market in this service of the website online and for free. The cryptocurrency value table for today is 07/02/2020. Cryptocurrency buying and selling rates on BCEX cryptocurrency exchange. Today's online trading volume is on BCEX. Crypto market BCEX, the most popular cryptocurrencies today. See all cryptocurrency trading pairs on BCEX using the checkboxes located just above the trading table.


The table shows cryptocurrency exchange rates from BCEX stock. Exchange rates for all trading pairs are converted into US dollars.

Asset pair that are exchanges to each other during a trade.
Exchange rates for all trading pairs are converted into US dollars.
Volume of trade - total sum in US dollars for all deals with selected trading pair bought and sold on selected marketplace during last 24 hours.
Percentage of transactions for selected trading pair to all transactions on selected marketplace during last 24 hours.
BTC/USDT $ 9 184.69 $ 231 554 555 - Best Bitcoin exchange to Tether
ETH/USDT $ 228.30 $ 152 114 900 - Best Ethereum exchange to Tether
ETH/BTC $ 242.50 $ 149 486 252 - Best Ethereum exchange to bitcoin
XRP/USDT $ 0.18 $ 80 809 462 - Best XRP exchange to Tether
EOS/ETH $ 2.49 $ 34 917 826 - Best EOS exchange to Ethereum
LTC/USDT $ 40.14 $ 49 645 573 - Best Litecoin exchange to Tether
DOGE/USDT $ 0.002431 $ 465 - Best Dogecoin exchange to Tether
HSC/ETH $ 0.000023 - - Best HashCoin exchange to Ethereum
BCS/USDT $ 0.36 $ 34 525 - Best Business Credit Substitute exchange to Tether
BCAC/USDT $ 0.00019 $ 496 - Best Business Credit Alliance Chain exchange to Tether
CKUSD/USD $ 1 $ 0.0001 - Best CK USD exchange to US dollar
UNI/USDT $ 0.43 - - Best Universe exchange to Tether
CTC/ETH $ 0.034409 - - Best Credit Tag Chain exchange to Ethereum

Cryptocurrency prices on the BCEX crypto exchange are set as a result of free trading of exchange participants. Crypto exchanger BCEX - an online service for buying and selling crypto in the free market. Crypto exchanger BCEX - provides the exchange of cryptocurrency for a standard currency or another crypto. Cryptocurrency exchange BCEX - an online platform for exchanging and trading cryptocurrency. The BCEX cryptocurrency exchange is one of the participants in the global cryptocurrency trading market, which allows you to freely set cryptocurrency rates.

The table of the BCEX cryptocurrency exchange displays information about all trading transactions with cryptocurrency for today:
- Cryptocurrency
- Cryptocurrency cost
- The volume of transactions for each crypto
- Share of the volume of trade of each cryptocurrency to all trades on the cryptocurrency exchange