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Brosispay market cap

Brosispay volume of trade today and historical data of Brosispay capitalization since start date of trade on the cryptocurrency exchange market.

Brosispay capitalization

Today's market capitalization for Brosispay is 0 US dollars.

Information about the change in Brosispay capitalization is calculated once a day. Brosispay capitalization today is considered as the sum of all cryptocurrency Brosispay coins issued. Information of the capitalization of Brosispay is for reference only. Brosispay, capitalization - 0 US dollars.

Brosispay volume of trade

Today's Brosispay volume of trade is 1.20 US dollars.
-323.22 $ (-99.63%)
change of volume of trade since yesterday

Brosispay trading volumes today totaled $ 1.20. The daily trading chart for Brosispay is on our website. Brosispay trading helds on many cryptocurrency exchanges in real time, we show the daily trading volume of Brosispay. The value of all Brosispay crypto coins issued (Brosispay market cap) increased by $ 0.

Brosispay market cap chart

Brosispay capitalization on a graph by years. The change in Brosispay capitalization per month is 0%. 0% - Brosispay market capitalization change for the year. Today, Brosispay capitalization is estimated at 0 US dollars.

Brosispay capitalization history

Date Capitalization
Capitalization of Brosispay - total sum of all mined Brosispay cryptocoins.
28/07/2021 0 $
27/07/2021 0 $
26/07/2021 0 $
18/07/2021 0 $
17/07/2021 0 $
16/07/2021 0 $
15/07/2021 0 $

Brosispay volume chart

Brosispay volume history data

Date Volume (24h)
Volume of trade of Brosispay - total sum in US dollars for all deals with Brosispay cryptocoins bought and sold during selected date.
28/07/2021 1.20 $
27/07/2021 324.42 $
26/07/2021 114.81 $
18/07/2021 24.80 $
17/07/2021 135.12 $
16/07/2021 111.79 $
15/07/2021 389.49 $

28/07/2021 Brosispay market capitalization is equal to 0 US dollars. 27/07/2021 Brosispay capitalization is equal to 0 US dollars. Brosispay capitalization amounted to 0 US dollars at 26/07/2021. Brosispay market capitalization is $ 0 at 18/07/2021.

Brosispay capitalization is equal to 0 US dollars at 17/07/2021. The market capitalization of Brosispay amounted to 0 US dollars at 16/07/2021. The market capitalization of Brosispay amounted to 0 US dollars at 15/07/2021.