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Waves Exchange crypto market

Waves Exchange cryptocurrency trading platform provides cryptocurrency exchange online for 17 trading pairs with 9 cryptocoins and 4 currencies.

Cryptocurrencies price today on Waves Exchange crypto market

Cryptocurrency Best buy price Best sell price
Ethereum $ 266.27 $ 266.73
Litecoin $ 75.98 $ 76.75
Zcash $ 64.71 $ 64.71
Dash $ 118.48 $ 119.52
Waves $ 1.48 $ 1.48
Monero $ 87.91 $ 89.36
Waves Community Token $ 0.108308 $ 0.108308
Shadow Token $ 0.034406 $ 0.034406

Waves Exchange cryptocurrency exchange - online cryptocurrency exchange of cryptocurrency transactions. Buying and selling crypto, tracking the price and dynamics of crypto. Unlike national currencies, cryptocurrency is not controlled by the central bank of the state, but is freely traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. The price of cryptocurrencies on the cryptocurrency market is free, it is set only by buyers and sellers of crypto. The exchange of cryptocurrency for another crypto or for a classic currency is performed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, exchanges are sometimes called crypto exchangers. The Waves Exchange cryptocurrency exchange gives you the opportunity to buy or sell cryptocurrency yourself.

Waves Exchange cryptocoin market volume

The total trading volume on the Waves Exchange exchange market for the last 24 hours amounted to 993 699 US dollars.

The largest number of transactions takes place with Waves and Ethereum cryptocurrencies, the hottest trading pairs are WAVES/BTC and ETH/WAVES.

The crypto exchange Waves Exchange is often called:
- Crypto market Waves Exchange.
- Crypto exchanger Waves Exchange.
- Cryptocurrency exchange Waves Exchange.

Waves Exchange crypto exchange

The cryptocurrency rate on the Waves Exchange cryptocurrency market is shown here online and for free. The value of cryptocurrency on 02/16/2020. Table of all values of cryptocurrency. Best buy and sell cryptocurrency exchange rates on Waves Exchange. Trading volume on Waves Exchange is displayed online every day. Crypto market Waves Exchange, the most active cryptocurrencies today. Waves Exchange has many trades today. Use the currency filter above the trading table to display transactions for crypto currencies that interest you.


The table shows cryptocurrency exchange rates from Waves Exchange stock. Exchange rates for all trading pairs are converted into US dollars.

Asset pair that are exchanges to each other during a trade.
Exchange rates for all trading pairs are converted into US dollars.
Volume of trade - total sum in US dollars for all deals with selected trading pair bought and sold on selected marketplace during last 24 hours.
Percentage of transactions for selected trading pair to all transactions on selected marketplace during last 24 hours.
ETH/WAVES $ 266.27 $ 257 430 - Best Ethereum exchange to Waves
ETH/BTC $ 266.73 $ 81 819 - Best Ethereum exchange to bitcoin
LTC/WAVES $ 75.98 $ 63 718 - Best Litecoin exchange to Waves
LTC/BTC $ 76.49 $ 40 580 - Best Litecoin exchange to bitcoin
LTC/ETH $ 76.75 $ 4 617 - Best Litecoin exchange to Ethereum
ZEC/BTC $ 64.71 $ 7 747 - Best Zcash exchange to bitcoin
DASH/BTC $ 119.52 $ 9 432 - Best Dash exchange to bitcoin
DASH/WAVES $ 119.29 $ 7 977 - Best Dash exchange to Waves
DASH/ETH $ 118.48 $ 18 - Best Dash exchange to Ethereum
WAVES/BTC $ 1.48 $ 493 007 - Best Waves exchange to bitcoin
XMR/BTC $ 89.36 $ 22 024 - Best Monero exchange to bitcoin
XMR/WAVES $ 88.35 $ 4 173 - Best Monero exchange to Waves
XMR/ETH $ 87.91 $ 317 - Best Monero exchange to Ethereum
BSV/WAVES $ 318.72 $ 456 - Best exchange to Waves
BSV/BTC $ 309.81 $ 380 - Best exchange to bitcoin
WCT/EUR $ 0.11 - - Best Waves Community Token exchange to Euro
SHDW/WAVES $ 0.034406 $ 4 - Best Shadow Token exchange to Waves

The price of cryptocurrency today 02/16/2020 at Waves Exchange, see the pricing table on this page. Waves Exchange crypto-exchanger is an online service for exchanging or selling or buying crypto between other cryptocurrency owners. Crypto exchanger Waves Exchange - guarantees free sale and purchase of cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency or for regular currency. Cryptocurrency exchange Waves Exchange - an online platform for exchanging and trading cryptocurrency. The Waves Exchange cryptocurrency exchange is one of the members of the global community of exchanges whose trades establish free crypto rates.

The table of the Waves Exchange cryptocurrency exchange displays information about all trading transactions with cryptocurrency for today:
- Cryptocurrency
- Cryptocurrency cost
- Current crypto trading volume
- The share of cryptocurrency transactions in relation to the volume of all trades