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Cryptocurrency exchange rates worldwide. Today's price value of any cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency converter. Main virtual currencies.

Bitcoin (BTC):
Bitcoin price today   Bitcoin (BTC) to pound sterling exchange rate   Bitcoin (BTC) to US dollar exchange rate   Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum exchange rate  
Ethereum (ETH):
Ethereum price today   Ethereum (ETH) to pound sterling exchange rate   Ethereum (ETH) to US dollar exchange rate   Ethereum (ETH) to Bitcoin exchange rate  
Litecoin (LTC):
Litecoin price today   Litecoin (LTC) to pound sterling exchange rate   Litecoin (LTC) to US dollar exchange rate   Litecoin (LTC) to Bitcoin exchange rate   Litecoin (LTC) to Ethereum exchange rate  
XRP price today   XRP (XRP) to pound sterling exchange rate   XRP (XRP) to US dollar exchange rate   XRP (XRP) to Bitcoin exchange rate   XRP (XRP) to Ethereum exchange rate  
Ethereum Classic (ETC):
Ethereum Classic price today   Ethereum Classic (ETC) to pound sterling exchange rate   Ethereum Classic (ETC) to US dollar exchange rate   Ethereum Classic (ETC) to Bitcoin exchange rate   Ethereum Classic (ETC) to Ethereum exchange rate  

Cryptocurrency calculator - an online service that allows you to calculate the amount of purchase or sale of one cryptocurrency relative to another or the number of cryptocurrencies for sale or purchase of a classic national currency.

The cryptocurrency calculator tracks instant online rates of all currently existing cryptocurrencies and all national currencies of the world.

Cryptocurrency rates are determined by the results of completed trading on world exchanges.

The cryptocurrency calculator uses the average rate from all exchanges in the world for the selected cryptocurrency today.

National currency rates are set daily by the European National Bank. The cryptocurrency exchange rate calculator uses this information from official sources.

Converting a cryptocurrency or exchanging one crypto for another at a favorable rate is performed at online cryptocurrency exchange points. The cryptocurrency exchange rate at the place of exchange is set based on cryptocurrency rates, which are monitored every minute in our crypto exchange rate calculator.

See the rates of all cryptocurrencies for today, the same rate of euro, dollar, yuan and other currencies of the world in our online service "currency calculator" and translate any currency at a favorable rate.

Cryptocurrency Converter - the second name of the cryptocurrency calculator is an online service that allows you to calculate the right amount of crypto to buy or sell for another cryptocurrency or national currency.

The crypto converter uses the average daily cryptocurrency rate for today and the officially established national classic currency rate.

You can convert any crypto to any other or to the dollar and euro, etc.

For the convenience of online use, we have displayed on this page the main popular cryptocurrencies now:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)

Cryptocurrency calculator online

The cryptocurrency calculator online allows you to immediately understand and calculate the amount needed to convert one cryptocurrency to another.

Many cryptocurrency exchange rates to other cryptocurrencies and national currencies are calculated on the basis of cross rates. For example, the exchange rate of Bitcoin (Bitcoin, BTC) to pound sterling is usually calculated based on the exchange rate of Bitcoin (Bitcoin, BTC) to the US dollar and pound sterling to the US dollar.

And if you want to calculate on the calculator the amount of the transfer of Litecoin (Litecoin, LTC) to pound sterling, then the online cryptocurrency calculator uses three exchange rates:

  • Litecoin (Litecoin, LTC) to Bitcoin (Bitcoin, BTC)
  • Bitcoin (Bitcoin, BTC) to US Dollar
  • US dollar to pound sterling

To calculate the value of currencies, the source today is officially established rates from the national bank and from the European Bank.

To calculate the cost of cryptocurrencies today, the average rates of each crypto are used at auction on all exchanges in the world for today.

In addition to the help pages and the Cryptocurrency calculator, digital currency converter program, there are many other free currency services on the site. in real time monitors all cross rates of all currencies and all cryptocurrencies in the world.

In the cryptocurrency calculator online, information about the exchange rates is taken from verified open and official sources.

Using a cryptocurrency calculator online is very simple.

To find out the rate of one crypto to another, enter the names of these cryptocurrencies in the fields of our calculator and click the calculation button. You can enter their notation in the international standard. To see the cryptocurrency exchange rate, change the location of the currencies relative to each other, click the "change" link.

If you need the rate of the selected cryptocurrency, for example, to the US dollar, then enter the name of the desired cryptocurrency in the first field of the cryptocurrency calculator, and in the second "US dollar". If you need a cross rate of the US dollar to the selected crypto, then click "change" and the calculator will show you the opposite rate.

In the calculator there is a second way to find out the crypto rate to any other currency in the world.

On the service page, the website’s exchange rate calculator in the Cryptocurrency calculator, digital currency converter in the currency listing, find the desired cryptocurrency and click on the link for the conversion rate of this crypto to another currency that you need.

In the cryptocurrency calculator, information on official exchange rates is updated as soon as it is set by official banks, information on the average cryptocurrency rate is taken from the statistics of sales of each cryptocurrency for the last day on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

Wish you success in using the cryptocurrency calculator service online!