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Cryptocurrency exchange rates updated: 23/07/2024

Best cryptocurrency

Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2024. Hot growing cryptocurrencies with high stability (minimum volatility).
Top 10 best cryptocurrencies for mining and buying, steadily growing in the price on cryptocurrency markets in the last 3 months.

Fast growing cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency Percentage growth for the quarter
OST (OST) 779 381 574 182 %
MakiSwap (MAKI) 589.08 %
Jasmy (JASMY) 43.49 %
SunContract (SNC) 24.39 %
Kwikswap (KWIK) 3.93 %
Onooks (OOKS) 2.32 %
ColossusXT (COLX) 2.23 %
Nexo (NEXO) 0.49 %
MIM (MIM) 0.28 %

The best cryptocurrency is a subjective concept for every investor.

Cryptocurrencies in the world are used as a means of investing and as a payment instrument, an analogue of money.

The best crypto as money, as a payment instrument is determined by the speed of transactions, the minimum commission or lack thereof per transaction, the number of owners of crypto wallets, as well as the ease of exchanging for real currency.

The best cryptocurrency as a means of investment is determined by its profitability, the constant growth of the cryptocurrency rate and also the stability of the rate.

The service Best cryptocurrency shows the best crypto in terms of investment.

We track the online exchange rates of all crypto, exchange rate changes, volatility, growth dynamics and other parameters to rank the best cryptocurrencies in the world.

The table of the best cryptocurrencies shows the top 3 of the best crypto for investment. Using the table of the best cryptocurrencies is free, information is updated online.

The chart of the best cryptocurrencies allows you to see a short history of the rate selected in our top best crypto. On the graph of the best crypto you can evaluate the stability of the growth of the currency and decide on investing in the best cryptocurrency.

Fast growing cryptocurrencies

Growing cryptocurrencies are cryptos, the rate of which has been growing over time.

Cryptocurrency growth is a relative concept. The market rate of any cryptocurrency traded on the crypto-exchange is constantly changing, increasing and decreasing. Therefore, it is possible to speak about an increase or decrease in the exchange rate for a certain period of time.

There are different quantitative estimates of cryptocurrency growth. In our service Best cryptocurrency, we use one of the most popular cryptocurrency growth estimates for the last 3 months.

It is the maximum increase in the rate of crypto over 3 months that we evaluate as the best increase in the rate of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies with minimal volatility.

Cryptocurrencies with minimal volatility - those cryptocurrencies whose exchange rate has minimal fluctuations. Otherwise, cryptocurrencies with minimal volatility can be called cryptocurrencies with the most stable exchange rate.

Minimal volatility is convenient for a long investment. Sharp fluctuations in the cryptocurrency exchange rate of all inspire destabilization and unpredictability.

Investing in cryptocurrencies with minimal volatility is justified for a long-term investment of money.

Best cryptocurrency 2024

The best currency of 2024 is a free online service of our website that shows TOP cryptocurrencies with the best exchange rate growth and minimal volatility for 2024.

The best crypto for 2024 is estimated based on the analysis of the last three months. We compare the growth of the cryptocurrency exchange rate and its stability or volatility and build the rating and TOP of the best cryptocurrencies in 2024.

The rating of the best cryptocurrencies of 2024 is compiled daily. Use our service to choose the best cryptocurrency for long-term investment.