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All crypto markets worldwide with today's exchange rates and trading volume.
Cryptocurrency market, that allows exchange currencies to cryptocurrencies and vice versa.
Volume (24h)
Volume of trade - total sum in US dollars for all deals with selected trading pair bought and sold on selected marketplace during last 24 hours.
Count of cryptocurrencies Count of currencies Count of trading pairs
Asset pair that are exchanges to each other during a trade.
EN crypto market 13 464 943 231 $ 1823 135 3598
TAGZ Exchange crypto market 2 060 042 010 $ 1 1 1
BitMEX crypto market 1 059 727 602 $ 2 1 2
Bybit crypto market 593 690 333 $ 3 2 4
ExtStock crypto market 590 720 691 $ 9 5 26
Binance.KR crypto market 531 090 206 $ 2 3 5
BHEX crypto market 374 977 198 $ 13 3 25
BiteBTC crypto market 333 238 108 $ 11 4 17
55 Global Markets crypto market 233 379 975 $ 4 4 8
Phemex crypto market 191 695 562 $ 3 1 3
BITKER crypto market 161 023 153 $ 5 3 8
BTSE crypto market 149 169 998 $ 5 2 9
FCoin crypto market 148 782 686 $ 13 3 17
Huobi crypto market 92 678 525 $ 15 4 35
BW crypto market 90 257 666 $ 4 3 8
Deribit crypto market 79 144 670 $ 2 1 2
DOBI trade crypto market 41 552 271 $ 2 2 3
CEX crypto market 18 867 078 $ 6 3 11
Quoine crypto market 16 950 306 $ 4 10 17
BaseFEX crypto market 15 402 563 $ 5 3 7
Abucoins crypto market
BHEX crypto market
BITBOX crypto market
BITKER crypto market
BTSE crypto market
BW crypto market
BaseFEX crypto market
Binance.KR crypto market
BitFlip crypto market
BitMEX crypto market
BiteBTC crypto market
Bitpanda Global Exchange crypto market
Bitsane crypto market crypto market
Buda crypto market
Bybit crypto market
Bytex crypto market
CEX crypto market
CODEX Exchange crypto market
Chaince crypto market
CoinEx Market crypto market
Coinhouse crypto market
Coinrail crypto market
CredoEx crypto market
Cryptohub crypto market
cfinex crypto market
DOBI trade crypto market
Deribit crypto market
EN crypto market
EtherDelta crypto market
ExtStock crypto market
FCoin crypto market
fex crypto market
GBX Digital Asset Exchange crypto market
Huobi crypto market
Huobi (HBUS) crypto market
Instant Bitex crypto market
Koineks crypto market
MBAex crypto market
OKCoin crypto market
Octaex crypto market
OpenLedger DEX crypto market
Phemex crypto market
QBTC crypto market
Qryptos crypto market
Quoine crypto market
STEX crypto market
Stellarport crypto market
TAGZ Exchange crypto market
TDAX crypto market
TRX Market crypto market
Tokocrypto crypto market
Trade Satoshi crypto market
WEX crypto market
Waves Decentralized Exchange crypto market
xBTCe crypto market
55 Global Markets crypto market

Cryptocurrency markets are exchanges trading digital currencies or cryptocurrencies. Crypto markets usually specialize in cryptocurrency, although they can also trade in major currencies.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are traded in pairs: crypto to crypto or crypto to common currency. To determine the purchase / sale value of each trading pair, the transaction price is translated in dollars.

Crypto exchanges have the main characteristics:

  • Trading volume
  • Amount of cryptocurrencies
  • Amount of currencies
  • Amount of trading pairs

Cryptocurrency exchange trading volume - the total amount in dollars of all transactions of trading pairs for a certain time. As a rule, the trading volume of crypto exchanges is estimated per day.

The amount of cryptocurrencies in cryptocurrency exchange markets is the total quantity of different cryptocurrencies that have been traded on this exchange in recent times. The quantity of cryptocurrencies of the cryptocurrency exchange characterizes its universality for trading specifically with your cryptocurrency, the quantity of potential buyers and sellers on this crypto exchange.

Amount of currencies - total types of classic currencies for which each crypto on this cryptocurrency exchange market is sold or bought. As a rule, cryptocurrencies are traded in dollars.

The amount of trading pairs of the crypto-exchange is the quantity of completed transactions on this crypto-market per day. The larger the quantity of trading pairs, the more actively trading takes place, the more buyers, sellers of crypto on this exchange.

On, we track all the active crypto exchanges in the world and display their rating for these characteristics.

We also provide detailed information on each crypto market for free and online.

Cryptocurrency trading is presented for each cryptocurrency:

  • Cryptocurrency trading volume.
  • The best cryptocurrency purchase rate on the cryptocurrency exchange.
  • The best cryptocurrency sale rate on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Cryptocurrency Rating

The crypto-exchange rating is presented on our website for free online.

The rating of crypto exchanges can be considered according to different characteristics:

  • Trading volume
  • Quantity of cryptocurrencies
  • Quantity of trading pairs

We show you a crypto-exchange rating table sorting it by trading volume.

We believe that the greater the trading volume, the higher the rating of the crypto market.

Although the rating of the crypto exchange can be calculated both by the quantity of trading pairs and the quantity of cryptocurrencies traded.

Cryptoexchanges 2021

Cryptocurrency exchanges in 2021 - the online table on website of exchanges that conduct active cryptocurrency trading in 2021.

Crypto exchanges 2021 - a service with up-to-date information from all existing exchanges in the world.

We regularly update information on cryptocurrency exchanges for 2021, we have a list and ratings of cryptocurrency exchanges for 2020, and we hope that we will have a rating of cryptocurrency exchanges for 2022.

Track active crypto exchanges in 2021 on our website.

The best cryptocurrency exchanges, top cryptocurrency markets.

The best crypto exchanges in the world, top crypto markets - in our service online and free.

The table of the best crypto exchanges is presented on this page, sorted by trading volume.

TOP 20 best cryptocurrency markets in terms of trading volume is considered with us online, daily and around the clock.

The best crypto exchanges for today , top 5 crypto markets:

  • EN crypto market
  • T
  • BitMEX crypto market
  • Bybit crypto market
  • ExtStock crypto market
  • B
  • BHEX crypto market
  • BiteBTC crypto market
  • 5
  • Phemex crypto market
  • BITKER crypto market
  • BTSE crypto market
  • FCoin crypto market
  • Huobi crypto market
  • BW crypto market
  • Deribit crypto market
  • D
  • CEX crypto market
  • Quoine crypto market
  • BaseFEX crypto market
  • TAGZ-Exchange crypto market
  • Binance-KR crypto market
  • 55-Global-Markets crypto market
  • DOBI-Trade crypto market

The top of the best cryptocurrency exchanges can also be compiled by the number of cryptocurrencies and the number of trading pairs on each exchange.