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Cryptocurrency exchange rates updated: 18/11/2018

Latest cryptocurrency

The newest cryptocurrencies in 2018. Latest cryptocurrencies appeared in November 2018.
Top 10 newest cryptocurrencies that have appeared on cryptocurrency markets in recent days.

The newest cryptocurrencies in November 2018

Cryptocurrency Start date
Howdoo (HOWDOO) 16/11/2018
CWV Chain (CWV) 16/11/2018
VestChain (VEST) 15/11/2018
uDoo (UDOO) 15/11/2018
BDT Token (BDT) 14/11/2018
Global Awards Token (GLOBALAWARDSTOKEN) 14/11/2018
CrowdWiz (WIZ) 14/11/2018
Vites (VITES) 14/11/2018
SkyHub Coin (SHB) 12/11/2018
Insolar (INSOLAR) 09/11/2018
Bitcoin Cash SV [IOU] (BCHSV) 09/11/2018
KZ Cash (KZCASH) 09/11/2018
Bitcoin Cash ABC [IOU] (BCHABC) 09/11/2018
InterValue (INTERVALUE) 08/11/2018
Humanscape (HUM) 08/11/2018
EtherInc (ETI) 08/11/2018
Optimal Shelf Availability Token (OSA) 08/11/2018
Nerva (XNV) 07/11/2018
INVEToken (INVE) 07/11/2018
Atidium (ATD) 06/11/2018
PalletOne (PTN) 06/11/2018
BZLCOIN (BZL) 06/11/2018
BitcoinX (BITCOINX) 02/11/2018
CrypticCoin (CRYP) 02/11/2018
Ethereum Meta (ETHM) 02/11/2018
Bgogo Token (BGG) 02/11/2018
Absolute (ABS) 02/11/2018
CoinToGo (2GO) 01/11/2018
WeShow Token (WET) 01/11/2018
Crystal Token (CYL) 01/11/2018